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Certified Life Coach


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  • To help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

  • To take you to the next level with your career, your life, and relationships.

  • To challenge you when you're in need of accountability.

  • To support you when you’re struggling.

  • To help you rediscover what you already know.

Here are four areas where coaching can help:

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Problem Solving

Learn how to assess stressful situations, and solve local problems without losing global focus. Develop the foresight to know how to choose your battles, and when to walk away.

  • routine
Discipline & Routine

Become more organized in your daily, weekly, and monthly routines: hit the gym, maintain your diet, and stay ahead of personal planning.

  • relaxation
Creativity & Mindfulness

Develop meditative practices which will unlock your deeper creative potential, but also will help you achieve perpetual calm in your daily life.

  • person
Validation & Confidence

Conquer fear and judgment through an introspective process guaranteed to strengthen social relationships, and bolster self-confidence in high-risk scenarios.

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What is life coaching?

Amy Brophy Coaching is an ongoing partnership designed to help my clients do or achieve anything they desire in their personal or professional lives. Typically done through a long-term relationship, I help clients in creating visions and goals for all aspects of their lives or businesses, as well as multiple strategies, the necessary psychology, accountability and other resources to support the attainment of those goals.

Who is life coaching for?

There is often a misconception that to work with a coach, your life has to be a mess or you can’t succeed on your own. This simply isn’t true. Many successful people work with a coach to enhance what they already have as well as create new opportunities. There are four general categories of people who come to me for coaching:


  • People who don’t know what they want and need some help figuring it out. 



  • People who do know what they want, but don’t know how to make it happen. 



  • People who know what they want, and know how to make it happen, but they just aren’t taking action on their own. 



  • People who know what they want, know how to make it happen, and are taking action, but want to be pushed out of their comfort zone and held to their very best. 


Therapy vs. Coaching

To put it simply, therapy is about dealing with the past in hopes of having a better future. Amy Brophy Coaching is focused on accepting where you are right now and moving you forward.

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I have over 20 years of coaching experience in life, business, and athletics. When I was a swim coach I realized that I not only coached the fundamentals of swimming, but I was also coaching people to understand the big picture of life. I coached them not to just be better athletes but I helped them be better people. I coached them in how to set and achieve goals; how to balance school, life, and athletics; how to be better teammates to each other; how to. problem solve and how to advocate for themselves. This became my passion in coaching. I recognized that I was coaching people not only in swimming, but in life and business as well. I love people. I love talking to them, helping them, serving them and collaborating with them. This is why I became a life coach.

I bring a unique and diverse perspective to coaching young people because of my years of coaching youth swimming. I bring an outside perspective to helping men and women transitioning out of college and into life. I will help them create their own definition of success.

In their own words...

Amy has been a friend of our family for 8 or so years, coaching my brother in swimming and being a leader in our community. She helped me regroup and focus at a tricky time in my life. The same motivational skills she used in swimming she's applied to life coaching. I appreciate her ability to connect on a real level and help me break down my goals into manageable chunks. The skills and resources of her practice were exactly what I need to get my life back on track.

-Matt M

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